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Serie A Club Cagliari Forced to Miss Flight Due to Italian Milk Protests

Cagliari faces A.C. Milan on Sunday.

Cagliari missed its flight to Milan, Italy on Saturday, but the Serie A club's mishap wasn't caused by a case of tardiness. Cagliari was actually blocked from leaving its practice facility by "around 100 local farmers", according to Football Italia, with the farmers protesting milk prices in Cagliari.

The protesting farmers wanted Cagliari Calcio to skip its match against A.C. Milan on Sunday as a sign of solidarity from the city's premier team. The club was ultimately allowed to leave, but not after two players kicked over pails of milk in support of the farmers.

Cagliari faces A.C. Milan at San Siro Stadium in Milan on Sunday. Kickoff is slated for 2:30 p.m. ET.