By 90Min
March 13, 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken fondly of his adaptation to life in Italy claiming he doesn't miss Spain, but that hasn't stopped him from opening up a bizarre new business back in his old home of Madrid.

The 34-year-old, who was speaking ahead of his three-goal turn against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League last 16 second leg that sent the Old Lady through to the quarter finals, admitted his surprise at how well he's adapted to life in Italy.


Speaking to DAZN, as quoted by Marca, the striker explained: "The balance is very positive, I feel good at the individual level, I feel adapted to the Italian League and it is a difficult league, in my opinion, the most difficult for strikers, a league with a lot of quality. I did not expect the Italian league to have this quality, I am happy, my family and my children are happy. Everything is positive.

"I do not miss Spain or Portugal, things are as they are, obviously I left a lot of friends, I left a great club, I left a club that gave me a lot of love, people, friends... But I do not miss the country itself because I have the same here, it has not been difficult for me, everything has been very intense, interesting, different but I have adapted well.

"In my opinion, in Serie A it is more difficult to score than in La Liga, the Spanish League is more open, the teams risk more, the priority here is to defend well and then attack. In Spain it is not like that, it is always an open game against almost all the teams. I also played in England for five years and I still think the league where it's most difficult to score is the Italian one."

However, that hasn't stopped CR7 from returning to Madrid for his latest business venture - a hair transplant clinic. 

As per a report from Marca, lifted from an interview with Newspaper ABC, the clinic, located on the bustling Joaquin Costa Street at the centre of Madrid, will have 150 professionals capable of performing 18 treatments a day.

And, in this interview, the Portuguese international sung a slightly different tune about his former home, declaring: "It [Madrid] is the city that has marked by life forever, from a professional point of view to the way in which it affected me [personally]. I miss the people of Madrid."

Turning his attentions to the business itself, he explained: "I like to bet on enterprising projects with solid characteristics to spread the best of what we have in Portugal throughout the world.

"Just like in football, I will put all of my effort and dedication to make this project the best in the world in this field. That's why I do physical exercise and try to eat well [to stay healthy]. The most important thing is taking care of our body simultaneously at the same time as our health."

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