Liverpool CEO Peter Moore has claimed that competition to attract new fans into the football clubs has been made much tougher not just by rival clubs, but also due to video games such as Fortnite.

Recent years has seen a surge of popularity in the internet with video games amongst youngsters such as FIFA and Fortnite seemingly taking over, and it's now taking its toll on football clubs.

Youngsters seem much more content on staying in their bedrooms rather than going out and supporting their favourite teams, meaning levels of interest in footballs clubs are dropping significantly.


Speaking with ESPN, Moore admitted the game of football faces a real challenge of getting kids out of the house and down to the stadium to support their teams to help generate more interest in the game.

"The next generation [of fans] is going to be playing Fortnite, or Apex Legends, and is he even going to get out of his bedroom? That is the challenge we face," Moore said.

"The only way to meet that challenge is go and get them. I am loath to say go into the bedroom and find them, but you have to. You've got to talk to them like they are used to being spoken to."

Moore himself spent 10 years as head of EA Sports, and in his two years at Liverpool has helped transform the way the club interacts with it's fans through the use of updated technology, and he went onto insist he felt his previous experiences with technology can help the ancient game keep up to date with the latest generation of fans.


He added: "The ability for me to bring my experience, particularly in the last 20 years being in tech, has allowed me to bring that to bear against the needs and challenges of what traditional sports need to do to embrace this new generation."

With Liverpool potentially on the verge of their first ever Premier League triumph as well as finding themselves in the Champions League quarter finals, interest in the club should be higher than it's been in years - although the game seemingly does face a tough task in trying to get children out of their bedrooms and into stadiums on matchdays.