Liverpool and Manchester City are way out in front in the Premier League this season, with both sides fighting it out for top spot. Behind them, the remaining four big six teams are battling for the final two Champions League places.

With the two spots seemingly occupied by different teams every week, it is anyone's guess as to who will win the race. And that is what Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher attempted to do, as they summarised the chances of each of the four teams. 


Perhaps illustrating how tight this race is, Neville and Carragher went back and forth with their thoughts on how the season will pan out. 

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Neville said as quoted by The Mirror: "I look at Tottenham’s fixtures, I have to say that’s obviously the one [vs Manchester City] that stands out, but if you look at Arsenal’s fixtures you’d say they have the best run-in as they don’t play against any of the top teams.

"The problem they have got is that they have four away games, Arsenal, and they're shocking away from home", added Neville bluntly.


Carragher supported the former Man Utd player on this by saying: "Arsenal have better fixtures than Chelsea and Man United but I’d be surprised if Arsenal won more than one away game."

Neville added: "For the moment I think Tottenham will finish third because they have the four home games and they’re the ones I think that can accumulate the points", to which the former Liverpool defender agreed.

The uncertainty crept in for both pundits when it came to picking who would claim fourth spot, as Carragher continued: "Really I haven’t got a clue out of the other three because in some ways you can’t trust them.


"If I had to call one I would go with Manchester United". Somewhat surprised by his colleague's backing of his old rivals, Neville simply replied: "I'll agree with him!"

The doubt in the minds of these two footballing experts showcases how close this race will be and suggests it will go right down to the wire. The four sides in question are all in action this weekend - the pick of the fixtures being Chelsea's visit to Anfield on Sunday afternoon.