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April 29, 2019

Another week, another round of Premier League fixtures, another win for the title-chasers and another draw/loss for everyone in their four-place vicinity. 

That's right, the Premier League adhered to the enduring narrative this weekend, with both Liverpool and Manchester City easing (well...) to victory and their supposed competitors in the top six left to scrap for D's and L's.

There were also intriguing relegation battles and an FA Cup semi-final replay. Well, what are we waiting for? Six best moments. Let's go. 

Best Goal 

Shaun Botterill/GettyImages

Where else to go but the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, and the north Londoners' first loss at their new home against West Ham. The principal reasons behind this early blemish? The deft and uncompromising right pegs of Marko Arnautovic and Michail Antonio.

It was a glorious ball from the Austrian, catching several static Spurs players on their heels with its backlift-less immediacy, but then it was all about Antonio - his probing run, his sublime control and his merciless finish. 

It was essentially a better-executed version of Mario Gotze's World Cup-winning goal against Argentina, and that's high praise.

Best Assist

Julian Finney/GettyImages

Yes, Jamie Vardy may have required a one-two with the crossbar to beat Bernd Leno in goal, but there was no question as to who both Vardy and his jubilant teammates had to thank for that points-tying second score, and that was Kasper Schmeichel. 

What made the Dane's wonderfully arrowed 'lump' up forward all the more glorious is that it wasn't a lump at all. It was clearly calculated, which the subsequent nod to the bench and boss Brendan Rodgers attested to. 

Back in days yonder, the go-to comparison for a sprayed ball would be Paul Scholes/Steven Gerrard, but these days, the biggest compliment I can hand him is that it was Ederson-esque. And I don't say that lightly. 

Best Save

Marc Atkins/GettyImages

It's been a, err, historically strange season for Crystal Palace goalkeepers, but quietly papering up the cracks all on his lonesome (you know, without calling over to his mates while using his hand to amplify the sound) has been Vicente Guaita. 

The 32-year-old Spaniard has strung together some impressive showings since being called upon between the sticks, but no save has been bigger than that crucial 76th minute stop from Cenk Tosun's surprisingly well-struck backheel. Reactions at their finest. Perhaps he could do a masterclass for a certain down-on-his-luck compatriot who is four years his junior. 

Best Deployment of Defenders

Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

It may have taken him nigh-on three years, but Pep Guardiola has finally got English football. Four centre halves, naaathing silly, knock it long, pass the buck etc etc. 

And, you know who seemed to enjoy it? John Stones, Vincent Kompany, Nicolas Otamendi and Aymeric Laporte. Especially the first two. Christ. Does this now mean that Guardiola is just the Spanish Sean Dyche? The Catalan Claret? Food for thought. 

Best David de Gaffe

Shaun Botterill/GettyImages

Gaffid de Gea, David de Gaffe, David derrrr Gea. Whatever poorly formed pun you prescribe to, I think we can all agree the reverse De Geaissance truly is a sight to behold. The once imperious, nay, impervious Spaniard has become a shadow of himself, giving up goals and points left, right, but mainly centre. 

That's right, it's not that he can't get to the shots that are levelled at him - they're usually right at him - it's just that he can't stop them going into the net. After going behind, the only way Chelsea were going to score on Sunday was via a moment of Eden Hazard wizardry or David De Gea dumbfoundery. Luckily, the latter was on hand... with a faulty hand. 

Best Dog Dispatching

OLI SCARFF/GettyImages

Admittedly, 'dog dispatching' may not be the nicest choice of words, but it does accurately describe what happened to Huddersfield at Anfield on Friday night. From the first minute - literally - Jan Siewert's Terriers were rendered thoroughly terrified by their Liverpudlian hosts. 

Once more, Liverpool were utterly ruthless, their dominance summed up by the dispersion of goals across the near-entirety of the 90 minutes. It was quite a display, showing not just the disparity between top and bottom in the Premier League, but top and everyone else.

The cliche being banded about at the minute is that no one will lose this title, the winners will simply have done an incredible job in doing so. As 2019 as that sounds, it doesn't half ring true when you glance back at the last few months of results.

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