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May 23, 2019

Gareth Bale's career at Real Madrid is pretty much dead and buried following Zinedine Zidane's comments after Los Blancos' defeat in their last La Liga game this season.

The Welshman has been a divisive figure at the Santiago Bernabeu ever since his arrival in 2013, never truly being adored by fans, managers and fellow players alike, despite his impressive trophy haul and a number of important goals in the famous white shirt. 

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It has been rumoured that Bale will be shifted on in the summer, but the 29-year-old has insisted he wants to remain in Madrid and see out the remaining three years of his contract, allegedly worth €51m, even if he doesn't play for the Spanish club ever again.

It's no secret that Bale has a passion for golf, and he may be thinking that these three years will be spent on the green in the Spanish sun while earning a small fortune. 

Below are six things - including golf - that Bale could do to fill his soon to be very open schedule.

Golf, Golf and More Golf!

Gareth Bale

As you probably already know, Bale is an avid golfer. A really avid golfer. 

If he gained membership to the PGA (Professional Golfers' Association) then Gareth would be eligible for between 20 to 30 tournaments a year. So, potentially he could play 90 tournaments by the time his contract in Madrid ends. 

That's a hell of a lot of golf!!

Learn the Pibgorn


No, this isn't made up! 

The Pibgorn is a traditional Welsh instrument, meaning Bale could link back to his heritage whilst probably reigniting some interest in the unique instrument. Imagine a duet with the sultry vocals of Tom Jones, and Gareth tooting away on the Pibgorn, I think we might have a classic on our hands!

Write a Book


With Game of Thrones coming to an end, there is a significant hole in the TV calendar for a show based on a book. 

Bale could write his story and sell the TV rights to the highest bidder. Just think, he could base it on a plucky Welshman who travels to a foreign land, and despite being disliked by the locals, brings them glory. 

Just an idea, but three years is plenty of time to pen the next bestseller.

Become an Interstellar Traveler


For the more extravagant of you out there, in those three years Bale could travel to Mars and back. 

It takes around 300 days give or take to reach the red planet so Bale could achieve a round trip in his three years of leisure. If he really wanted, he could squeeze in a few trips to the moon too. 

Become an Asparagus Farmer


Believe it or not, asparagus can take up to two or three years to grow from start to finish. And the great thing is that once it has grown, it'll return year after year. 

In three years time Bale will be 32 and may wish to end his football career and pursue a life of farming small green spears that makes your wee smell funny. Each to their own I guess.

Get a Degree

Gareth Bale

The most sensible of all the options. 

Bale could turn his attention to studying and get a degree in something. He could partake in an Open University course in History for three years, or he could even study Spanish, which may be helpful. Unfortunately, Spanish degrees normally take four years, so learning in Madrid may require a bit more of a commitment.

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