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May 23, 2019

As all football fans know, it pays to be in the Premier League and it has now been revealed just how much the clubs in English football's top division have earned in prize money this season.

At the end of what was another dramatic season in the most exciting league in the world, clubs received a payment made up of the following categories: TV & Commercial Revenue, Facility Fees and Merit Payment (league position).

While this season all sides received equal share of the league's international TV revenue, that is set to change from the 2019/20 campaign onwards after the top six teams won their battle to earn a greater share of the income generated from foreign territories.

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As those sides have more fans worldwide, the clubs have persistently claimed they should receive more than the other teams from the overseas broadcasting deal - and the Premier League have now granted their wish, meaning the financial gulf between them and the other 14 teams will expand in the coming years.

For now, though, as you would expect, in general terms the higher up the league table each team finished the more money each club made, however that is not the case across the board.

As shown in the full breakdown released by the Premier League, clubs with a rich heritage and bigger fanbases do still receive more cash than their modern foes even before this change has been implemented.

With that in mind, it is no surprise to see Liverpool as the highest earners this season despite finishing second behind nouveau-riche Manchester City, with the weight of the Reds history and their global reach a key reason behind their position as the biggest earners.

In a case of the rich getting richer, the top two were the only sides to break the £150m mark, while the rest of the top six all banked between £142m and £147m with no other team receiving above £130m.

Everton were the next highest earners but got £14m less than sixth-placed Manchester United, with Marco Silva's side collecting £128m during the campaign.

In a welcome boost to a club with one of the most stringent budgets in the league, Newcastle United received the most out of all teams in the bottom half of the table, taking £120m of the Premier League windfall.

The Magpies and Everton were two of five teams to earn over £120m, alongside WolvesLeicester and West Ham who were the other teams to fill the league's top ten.

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Just £10m separated the other six sides to avoid relegation with Crystal Palace (£114m) leading Watford (£113m), Bournemouth (£108m), Burnley (£107m), Brighton (£105m) and Southampton (£104m).

As expected the bottom three also came last in the money table with Cardiff and Fulham earning £102m and £101m respectively.

A torrid season for Huddersfield Town was made even worse by the fact they were the only side in the division not to earn at least £100m, with the club taking just over £96m back with them to the Championship.

Full rundown of money earned this season, totalling £2.45bn.

Club Name Total Amount Earned
Manchester City £150,986,355
Liverpool £152,425,146
Chelsea £146,030,216
Tottenham £145,230,801
Arsenal £142,193,180
Manchester United £142,512,868
Wolverhampton Wanderers £127,165,114
Everton £128,603,905
Leicester City £123,328,078
West Ham £122,528,663
Watford £113,895,527
Crystal Palace £114,215,215
Newcastle United £120,130,418
Bournemouth £108,139,973
Burnley £107,340,558
Southampton £104,302,937
Brighton £105,741,728
Cardiff City £102,704,107
Fulham £101,904,692
Huddersfield Town £96,628,865

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