Reports in the Spanish press have cited bars owners in Madrid who are concerned about English 'hooligans' ahead of this weekend's Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham.

The final will take place at Atletico Madrid's Wanda Metropolitano, with an expected 70,000 fans set to travel to the Spanish capital - 20,000 of whom are set to do so without tickets to watch the game inside the stadium. 


It has apparently led to bar owners in the city voicing their concerns over potential hooliganism from travelling fans, with Spanish media outlet Marca running the story on their front page with the headline 'Fear', while an online story speaks of concern about 'hooligans'.

Concerns centre around the two designated fan zones - the Plaza de Colon for Tottenham supporters and the Felipe II for Liverpool - with one interviewee fearful that large groups could create a difficult situation.

He said: "We are evaluating whether to close on Saturday and some colleagues in the area have already decided [to close]. 

"The security of the premises cannot be guaranteed. We already had problems with 50 or 100 Serbs who came to see the basketball."

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Meanwhile, the manager of the Hard Rock Cafe near the Plaza de Colon has claimed they are preparing to draft in extra security staff for both the final on Saturday, as well as the days leading up to it. 

He added: "If we normally have one person from a private security firm, from Thursday to Sunday we will have eight. 

"We are afraid that the same thing that happened in last season's semi-final between Liverpool and Roma. And that is why we have strengthened ourselves."

Fear regarding the potential for unrest has come from the expected 20,000 fans set to travel without tickets, with a hotel manager in the Goya region citing suggesting overcrowding could create tension.

He said: "I think that if some 60,000 or 70,000 fans are going to come, the Felipe II square and the Plaza de Colon are very small."


Despite the concerns in Spain, drinking establishments are preparing for the sharp intake of visitors, with one bar manager adding: "Normally we use two barrels per week, but for Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week we have planned an order of three barrels each day so in total there will be nine."

Saturday's Champions League final in Madrid will be the first their since 2010, when Inter beat Bayern Munich 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu.