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June 03, 2019

Football forces, much like gravity, aren't always immediately apparent. Sure, there are the 'obvious' physical forces in the game, such as a monstrous forward who uses every set piece as an opportunity to throw his weight around (Emile Heskey, anyone?) - and these will be covered in due course below. 

But football, as we well know, is about more than just the obvious.

Indeed, in this game, true power comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Here are five of them.

A Shot From Hulk


Those familiar with the Brazilian's YouTube highlights will know that Givanildo Vieira de Souza - or as he's more commonly known, Hulk - is a physical specimen. 

With quads like tree trunks, Hulk can and probably does squat a house, with the payoff being that he can leather a football threw any object, and it's indeed a mystery how a ball hasn't yet exploded following one of his left-footed strikes.

PSG on a Spending Spree

Money is a hugely powerful force in football, but we'd rather give you an example of how much leverage it can yield when in the hands of a particularly driven operative in the transfer market.


Paris Saint-Germain's ownership group is a perfect example. Over the last few years the French giants have shown a...willingness, shall we say, to splash the cash in their ultimate pursuit for a Champions League crown. 

Les Parisiens currently hold the record for the two most expensive transfers in football history, and they did it in back to back years! First they grabbed Neymar from Barcelona for £198m in 2017, then followed that up with a £150m deal for Kylian Mbappe in 2018. Two premier talents of world football, two outrageous fees, both playing for the same team - money: power.

Sergio Ramos

Violent, dirty, thug - whatever you want to say about the Real Madrid defender, you have to admit, he is one of the most powerful forces in football.

Jasper Juinen/GettyImages

The man has won almost everything (World Cup, European Championship, La Liga titles, Copa del Rey, Champions League, Club World Cup, etc.) also holds records for receiving the most cards (yellow and red) in Real Madrid history, La Liga history, Champions League history, and in Spanish football history. 

He's been known to change games - not just in terms of popping up with crucial last-minute goals, but also for some underhanded tactics that may or may not remove the opposing team's best player from the game (Mohamed Salah remembers).

If that's not power, what is?

Lionel Messi

An unstoppable force like no other, the Argentinian maestro is the definition of an unstoppable force embodied in a footballer. 

He carries teams on his back, and you could create a novel just listing off his personal accomplishments. If we were to look at this most recent season alone (2018/19), his numbers would blow your mind.

Messi's greatness has led him to be called the best footballer in history (though some have disagreed with that statement).


Yes, Liverpool's home, full to the brim with support for the Reds, is one of the few things that can stop Messi - as proven in this past season's Champions League.

Whilst many would have counted Liverpool out after their first leg mauling in the semi final at Camp Nou (with Messi bagging a brace), the Reds knew better. 

After all, history was on their side - who could forget that incredible win over Olympiacos in 2004, or the insane comeback against Borussia Dortmund in 2016? In truth, Barcelona never stood a chance, as Liverpool - roared on by their thunderous support - dumped out the Spaniards with a 4-0 win (4-3 on aggregate) to progress to the Champions League final.

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