This Sunday a host of miss-matched celebrities and footballing royalty will do battle at Stamford Bridge in the eighth edition of Soccer Aid. 

The charity match, which raises money for UNICEF, has given provided plenty of laughs and just frankly bizarre moments over the years. Here's a few of the best...

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Edgar Davids' Rage


Charity matches can be quite insipid affairs with nothing really on the line. Not for Edgar Davids however, who clearly didn't get the vibe in 2014 as he got involved in a heated exchange with TV presenter Jonathan Wilkes.

Wilkes attempted to go past the Dutch legend, before Davids scythed him down (because of course he did). When Wilkes reacted to the challenge Davids put him down again, this time with an elbow to the jaw. 

Later on in the game, Davids lost a shinpad and Wilkes got a measure of revenge by throwing it across the pitch.

Only in Soccer Aid would a Champions League winner who represented Ajax, Juventus, Inter and Barcelona have a running feud with someone who once got to 24th in the UK charts.

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England Win on Penalties

In a World Cup year, there is bound to be more scrutiny when a team wearing the England kit are involved in a shootout.

In the 2018 edition of Soccer Aid went to penalties and it was Blake Harrison of all people, better known as Neil from The Inbetweeners who buried the deciding kick. 

This and this alone was responsible for sending World Cup fever into overdrive and pushing the real England team onto win their first competitive shootout since 1996 while out in Russia.

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Serge Scores a Wondergoal

Wayne Rooney described it as "the best goal I've seen at Old Trafford in the last five or ten years" and it was truly sensational.

A delicious lob by the Kasabian frontman left David Seaman with flashbacks to World Cup 2002.

Sheringham vs Ramsey


What Gordon Ramsey did to upset Teddy Sheringham remains unclear. 

In the 2012 addition of Soccer Aid the former Spurs, Man Utd and West Ham forward flattened the TV chef with a blindside hit from behind. As Ramsey writhed in pain, Sheringham simply gave him a little slap across the face in way of an apology. 

Howard Webb had a good look, but kept his cards in his pocket.

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Mourinho in Defence

In 2014 José Mourinho took charge of the Rest of the World team. Despite this match being for charity, the self-styled 'Special One' played up his pantomime villain role well. 

He made headlines for substituting Man vs Food star Adam Richman and stand up comedian Kevin Bridges just five minutes after he'd bought them on.

When he spotted Olly Murs about to break down the left he momentarily bought himself on as full back. He clattered Murs and killed the attack stone dead, to the laughter and applause of the crowd. 

How many times has he wanted to do that in his managerial career, I wonder?

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Zidane Nutmegs Lewis


Sometimes there are moments where the fun stops and the ex-pros remind the celebrities who's boss. In 2010, World Cup winner Zinedine Zidane made his point very, very clear when he nutmegged Homeland and Band of Brothers actor Damian Lewis with a sublime bit of skill.

Zidane was a standout performer in the match that his side won on penalties after a 2-2 draw.