The agent of Atletico Madrid midfielder Marcos Llorente has revealed that Liverpool were one of a number of clubs he spoke to after learning that the player had to leave Real Madrid.

Llorente was informed by Real manager Zinedine Zidane that his playing time would be limited this season and that, as such, he should consider other opportunities.

An interview with the player's agent and uncle, Julio Llorente, from Spanish news outlet SER has revealed that multiple clubs, including Liverpool, were consulted about the midfielder's future.


The agent stated: "Nobody likes it when their boss tells them that they aren't wanted.

"All this started when Zidane told Marcos that he was going to have less minutes, that the best thing was to go out, and at that moment I started to work and communicate with the clubs that I think have the profile that Marcos can do well. One was Atletico.

"He [Marcos Llorente] is a mature boy and he has accepted it with optimism. He has suffered but I thought he could have taken it more negatively. 


"He has taken it very well; he is positive and looks to the future, he is very excited. A new stage is opening that we hope will be fruitful."

The agent then discussed the clubs that Llorente could have joined and why he chose Atletico Madrid: "I contacted several clubs to let them know what had happened; the conversation that Zidane and Marcos had. 

"One of which was Liverpool, but Marcos' position was covered and it was not a priority [for summer transfers].


"Atlético is the one that took the strongest step and convinced us. I think we have done the right thing, I hope that Marcos does very well."

When asked whether it is difficult for players who are raised in Madrid to star for Real, Julio Llorente replied: "It is a question that I do not know how to answer.


"I was also a squad player, I was in the first team. I do not know what to tell you.

"It is possible that the players who are signed up from abroad and cost more money are given a certain preference, but I do not want to think like that either.

"Marcos has pushed a lot to reach Atletico Madrid and the coach [Diego Simeone] wants him at the club."