He may have dumped them out of the Champions League last season, but Matthijs de Ligt could well be lifting the trophy with Juventus come May 2020.

The Ajax colossus looks set for a move to the Allianz Stadium this summer, with the Bianconeri beating off the challenges of Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain to land their top target. The decision to settle in Turin is a very wise choice on De Ligt's part.


There are some rather obvious reasons why a switch to Juve is in his best interests, though they likewise apply to Barça & PSG. 

For one, he's going to collect a silly amount of winners medals at any of the aforementioned club; the Old Lady are vying for their ninth successive Serie A title, Barca counterparts have been crowned as champions of Spain eight times in the last 11 seasons, and PSG have the Ligue 1 title sewn up for the next 100 years (we think).

In a similar vein, two of the three of these clubs are genuine contenders for the Champions League; Paris Saint-Germain have seemingly lacked the European pedigree and self-belief to make inroads in the tournament. 

So, with Paris not being a seemingly good move if he hopes to lift 'Old Big Ears' - and as a world class footballer he should - that leaves De Ligt with to viable options: Barcelona and Juventus. But why is a transfer to northern Italy better than one to Catalonia?

Firstly, Serie A receives less coverage and scrutiny than La Liga. If he is playing for Juventus, the pressure will be significantly lower and, therefore, so will the chances of him choking, a fate that has befallen many a young prospect following a big-money move.

Though De Ligt is evidently already a superb defender, he no doubt has room for improvement and his development may benefit from less time in the limelight, especially given his tender age.

Well, the 19-year-old is guaranteed to be playing a supporting role if he choose Turin; no one in black and white overshadows the phenomenon that is Cristiano Ronaldo.

No, not even club stalwarts Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini outshine the eminent Portuguese star. 

Speaking of those two, they're also a decent duo to learn from when it comes to the art of defending.


De Ligt's would-be partners at centre-back are two of the most accomplished in their position in the modern era; for a maturing defender, you could argue there are no better mentors.

Similarly, incoming Bianconeri coach Maurizio Sarri would make an apt guide for the Ajax captain as he prepares for a career at the top of the game.

'Sarriball' - the former banker's divisive style of play - would suit De Ligt down to a tee. With the full-backs expected to bomb up and down the flanks, Sarri's centre-backs must have the pace to cover the space they vacate.

The Dutchman is certainly quick enough to do the job. If you doubt that, perhaps you missed him matching Kylian Mbappe stride-for-stride when the mercurial Frenchman initiated a foot-race during international duty.

Conversely, the ageing Bonucci and Chiellini may lack the speed across the turf to be Sarri's first-choice pairing in the heart of defence. So, De Ligt will have the privileged position of being above those two in the food chain, while also learning from their years of experience.

The incumbent Juventus centre-backs do have the required ball-playing abilities for the 60-year-old's system, though, so does the (alleged) new man; no issue in that regard, then.

But wait, the love story between Sarri and De Ligt isn't over! There is yet another benefit waiting for the latter if he decides to team up with the former Chelsea boss.

The Blues, Napoli and every other side that the Italian has overseen have utilised set-pieces. While many teams today neglect them, this is one coach who perceives and takes advantage of their attacking potential.


Let's put it simply: Sarri is big on set-plays, and De Ligt is just, well, big. Who do you think is going to be a key target when it comes to corners and free-kicks? Whose goal tally is going to benefit as a result?

There are a plethora of options before Matthijs de Ligt and he is yet to officially confirm which one he will take up, but not all will turn out well. He would be well-advised to ignore other offers and take the route to the Allianz Stadium.