Patrice Evra has officially retired, bringing an end to one of the most eventful football careers ever seen.

There have been plenty of lows, but there have been so many highs, and his fun-loving spirit shows no sign of disappearing any time soon - just look at his social media profiles.

It has been a real blast, and here are eight of his craziest moments.

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Calling Arsenal 'Babies' After Thumping Them 4-1


Evra had been with Manchester United for over two years when the 2009 Champions League semi-final clash with Arsenal came about, and he definitely knew all about the rivalry between the two sides.

The Red Devils picked up a 4-1 aggregate victory, and Evra told reporters (via The Telegraph) that the result was never in doubt as it was "11 men against 11 babies".

He went on to slate the Gunners' lack of recent silverware, insisting that United are far superior to their rivals. So, it's pretty clear why United fans love him.

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His Bizarre Anti-Racism Message

With such a big social media following, Evra often uses his platform for good, and his anti-racism message from October 2016 was the perfect example.

Dressed in a full panda suit and dancing along to Desiigner's Panda, Evra removes the head of his costume to say: “Be like a panda. I am black, I am white, I am Asian and I am chubby. I am full of love. I love this game, say no to racism.”

Fantastic message. Questionable delivery.

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Doing Some Totally Normal Ironing

Now with Juventus at the time of this video, Evra clearly took his craziness over to Turin with him.

Dugout opted to visit Evra in December 2016 to ask him how he feels about Mondays (the worst of all days), but the Frenchman was not prepared to allow any negativity around him.

Ironing his shirt, he sings and dances to Barry White's Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe, and he's just having a great time. How about sending some of that Monday positivity over here? 

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Kissing a Monkey

Yep. Back in March 2017, Evra posted a video on Instagram of him kissing a monkey. Because, why not?

He asks the monkey whether they love this game too (as you do), and the monkey responds by puckering up and giving Evra a little kiss on the lips. There's one for the Things I Never Thought I Would Write collection.

However, it definitely was not the weirdest video of Evra kissing something. Stay tuned.

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Celebrating His Birthday With a Song

Evra clearly loves celebrating his birthday, and his excitement was evident when he posted a video of his mood in May 2017.

With James Brown's I Feel Good blasting out the speakers, Evra screams along to the song as if he's about to break down in tears, before ordering his fans to "MOVE YOUR SHOULDERS! MOVE! MOVE!"

All the excitement gets a bit too much for our favourite Frenchman, who decided to climb out of the sunroof of his car for some fresh air. All whilst looking in pain from all the joy.

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Karate Kicking a Fan


He can be a good laugh, but his karate-kick on a fan back in November 2017 wasn't exactly the funniest highlight of his career.

Before a Europa League game, Evra clashed with a number of Marseille supporters, and ultimately responded by kicking one of his own 'fans' in the head - an act which saw his contract with the French side terminated.

Now, going around kicking people is bad. Don't do that. However, you've got to respect his flexibility. He clearly puts in work at the gym, but this probably wasn't the best way of showing it. 

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Kissing a Raw Chicken

Here we are, with perhaps the strangest Evra video of all time. Actually, scratch that - probably the weirdest video ever posted online (and that's saying something).

With a raw chicken (yep, the thing that can give a person serious food poisoning) in his hands, Evra treats the bird to a night of undying passion. He massages the chicken, kisses and bites it, before just giving it a full-on beating. 

Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyy? 

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His Equally Weird Response

Understandably, plenty of people weren't happy with the chicken video. Some thought it was dangerous and weird, and Evra even claimed that plenty of vegans criticised him for his actions. So, he responded.

Now armed with corn, asparagus, tree leaves and a flower, Evra proceeds to try seduce each one, rubbing them across his body and giving each a playful nibble. Yes, he tries to eat a flower.

He ends with his classic "I LOVE THIS GAME" cry, but what game? Whatever it is, I certainly don't want to play.