We're not sure if we want to laugh or cry while watching this.

By Jenna West
August 16, 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to score goals and apparently shopping deals too.

Ronaldo is the newest brand ambassador for Singapore-based e-commerce platform Shopee. He stars in their latest commercial that makes you unsure if you want to laugh or cry while watching it.

The ad opens with Ronaldo scoring a goal and then doing his iconic celebration. However, the entire stadium is suddenly filled with the sound of fans using their Shopee apps. Ronaldo pulls out a phone and clicks on Shopee before breaking into a funny and slightly cringeworthy dance to a song about the company's "Super Shopping Day." It's set to the tune of the hit "Baby Shark."

Ronaldo has earned $109 million this year, according to Forbes. Shopee must have been enticed him with a nice check and not just 10% cash back on the app to get him to agree to do this ad.

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