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August 19, 2019

Premier League fans have revealed who they think is the bigger English talent between Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane, in an online poll for Virgin Media

Debates like this have raged for years in English football, with the two biggest stars from the last generation - Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard - polarising opinion, with fans never able to definitively decide who was the superior player. 

Both retired into management in the last few years without ever establishing themselves as superior to the other, and we've since moved onto a new generation of English talent. 


The Gareth Southgate generation has its debates to settle too though, and when Sterling's Manchester City took on England captain Kane's Tottenham on Saturday evening, we saw arguably the two best of this crop of players hash out a 2-2 draw. 

On the day, it was Sterling who showed more of what he can do, as he headed in his fourth of the season to put his side into an early lead, while Kane – after scoring a double against Aston Villa last weekend – was often left isolated up front. 

Their early season form was reflected in the results of the poll, as Sterling emerged victorious with a pretty definitive 66% of the vote.

Of course, the two play in different positions, with Sterling operating as a wide forward while Kane occupies a central role, so it is difficult to fairly compare their vastly different skillsets. 

If you were assessing on goals alone, then Kane would be the clear winner. He's netted 87 goals in his last 100 appearances at club level while Sterling has managed a 'mere' 53 in his last 100.

However, Sterling has also assisted 35 goals in the same time, helping City to successive Premier League titles and an unprecedented domestic treble last season, and it seems fans see his wider contributions to the Manchester City juggernaut over the last few seasons as indicative of a brighter star than that of Kane. 

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