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August 22, 2019

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has insisted that Bayern Munich are getting a great player in Philippe Coutinho after the reigning Bundesliga champions agreed an €8.5m loan deal for the Brazilian midfielder, who had fallen badly out of favour at Barcelona.

Klopp managed Coutinho for a little over two years at Anfield, inheriting the player from predecessor Brendan Rodgers. The player was a star for the Reds during that time, even if he seldom used in his preferred ‘number 10’ role by the German coach.

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Liverpool also went from strength to strength after his departure and decided against bringing him back this summer when the opportunity was seemingly there.

That being said, Klopp is sure Coutinho will show fans at Bayern and in Germany as a whole just why Barcelona saw fit to make him the third most expensive player in history just 18 months ago, likening his unique quality to Juventus and Italy legend Alessandro del Piero.

“From the first day [Bayern] will get a great player,” Klopp told Kicker.

“[Bayern will get] a very dominant technical player who helps a team properly, who can shape them.

“He played in his favourite ‘number 10’ position relatively rarely with us. He can play great as a ‘number eight’ and is also a really great left winger. [He is] good in small spaces, but also fast enough for large spaces.”

Klopp also praised Coutinho’s vision and movement, bringing in the Del Piero comparison.

“[Coutinho] has an outstanding eye for situations,” Klopp commented. “Since Alessandro del Piero, who played balls from similar positions and angles, I have not seen anyone who does it with the same frequency, having decisive impact from the left to the inside.

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“Bayern need him, they want him. Now they have to integrate and treat him right so that they get the full package and then the Bundesliga will have a real top player."

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