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August 29, 2019

Bury's players are considering legal action against the English Football League (EFL) for their decision to allow Steve Dale to take over the club.

The League One side were kicked out of the football league on Tuesday after Dale, who has confessed he has little interest in football and wasn't even aware that there was a club in Bury, ran the club into the ground, leaving players and staff without pay for months.

Led by club captain Neil Danns, The Daily Mail claims that a number of players are considering legal action against the EFL over 'negligence' due to their part in allowing Dale to take over the club in the first place.

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Players are also set to meet with representatives from the Professional Footballers' Association to discuss what steps can be taken.

Danns, who just three years ago was at Bolton Wanderers, also told The Daily Mail that he's been left unpaid for seven months whilst at Bury.

"The owner Steve Dale has made so many promises and none of them have materialised," Danns said following Bury's expulsion from the football league. 

"When the dust settles on all this, I hope there will be an EFL investigation into how someone like that comes to hold power over a proud local club like Bury, which I’ve got to know well over three years.

"There are financial consequences for us all now, of course.

"I’m not bringing income into our house because I’ve not been paid for seven months. I’m out of work, I suppose. It’s even worse for other lads starting out.

"One of the worst parts of all this has been seeing the pressure and anxiety they’ve been facing when turning up to train."

An international consortium with £7m in the bank has made a late attempt to buy the club, although it's feared that their interest has come too late.

According to Sky Sports, the man behind the late bid is Gustavo Ferreira, who is now trying to convince the EFL to overturn their decision on Tuesday.

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It's warned that they are unlikely to backtrack on their decision, although there are still a number of avenues that could help Bury's situation, including appointing an independent adjudicator to review the EFL's decision.

"The most devastating bit is the loss of a club which means so much to the community - and that’s why I think the EFL must, even now, do the utmost to see if the £7million offer from a new consortium can save the day," Danns added.

"It seems to have become a stand-off between the League and Dale. The club have been stuck in the middle. That’s wrong."

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