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Pep Guardiola was initially incensed at reports in the press suggesting he had gone behind Mancester City's back to agree a deal with Juventus, but by the time the storm blew over, he was laughing along with everyone else. 

That's according to City director Alberto Galassi, who says the City boss came to see the comical side of the speculation that saw him backed to ditch the Premier League champions after a domestic treble.


A number of reports following Massimiliano Allegri's departure from the Turin giants claimed that Guardiola had held meetings with Juve chiefs about jumping ship back in May, and despite Guardiola fervently denying it, there was some brief friction with City chiefs who wanted to know where the information was coming from.

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The manager himself had no clue, but as it became clear to everyone involved that it was largely founded on misinformation, his initial fury gave way to humour. 

"Guardiola was angry at first and very disappointed, as he hated not being believed," Galassi said via Sky Sports Italia, as quoted by the Mail. "Serious clubs reach agreements a long time before, these last-minute scoops don't really exist. He was disappointed by the situation, but then towards the end he went from anger to laughter."


The story has come back to light as City have been drawn alongside Serie A's Atalanta in Group C of the Champions League, with a trip to San Siro - the European home of La Dea for the forthcoming season due to the Atleti Azzuri d'Italia not meeting UEFA regulations - looking an enticing prospect as far as Galassi is concerned.

"It's particularly pleasing that we are playing at San Siro. I am sure they'll be entertaining games, because Atalanta play very good football."