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September 04, 2019

Spain manager Robert Moreno has insisted that he will happily step down from his position if former boss Luis Enrique wants to return as manager of the national team.

Enrique left Spain in June for personal reasons, and he recently announced the untimely passing of his nine-year-old daughter Xana, who had been battling bone cancer.

Speaking to the press (via Marca) ahead of Spain's Euro 2020 qualifiers against Romania and the Faroe Islands, Moreno insisted that the job is Enrique's if he wants it, but Spain will work hard to deliver some much-needed happiness to the country in his absence.

He said: "It's been a difficult week. We will try to give negligible joy at a very bad moment. It's the only thing we can do.

"I consider Luis a friend and this friendship goes ahead of everything else. If he wants to return one day, I will be delighted to step aside and work with him."

Moreno has been Enrique's assistant since 2011, back when the pair took charge of Roma. They have since worked with Celta Vigo, Barcelona and Spain, and Moreno was given charge of the Spanish national team in Enrique's absence.

The interim boss also answered a number of questions about his team selection, primarily involving Real Madrid centre-back Sergio Ramos, who has received plenty of criticism from fans who have called for him to be removed from the international side.

"As it stands yes, Sergio is going to play. But I want him to think that if he's not right, he's not going to play. I'm delighted that the youngsters have Sergio beside them because he's going to help them a lot," Moreno added.


"We have a very good generation of centre backs and I don't think we're going to have just one good partner for Sergio, but we're going to have replacements [too]. He has to have competition. 

"I can only say good things about him from my time with him. He has outstanding behaviour. He's an example to all, in training and out. Sergio is the one that I'm going to demand the most from."

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