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September 22, 2019

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has insisted he is not concerned by Liverpool's poor recent record against the so-called top six sides.

The Reds have won just one of their last 12 away meetings with the Premier League's top sides, with that sole victory coming in a 2-1 win over Tottenham last September. They have drawn six and lost five of the remaining games.

That record will again be tested when they face Chelsea on Sunday, and speaking ahead of the game (via The Guardian), Klopp stated that it was a shock to hear his side's poor record, adding that they rarely deserved not to win the games in question.

He said: “Performance-wise, that’s why it’s so surprising. I cannot remember all these games but I know we were often close to winning these games. 

"There was one at Arsenal where we should have won when Virgil [van Dijk] had two no-brainers that he didn’t score, the header against the post. Against Manchester City we lost last year but that is not a match you lose usually. The margins at the end were so small with the ball not over the line."

Klopp went on to add that Liverpool have also been forced to deal with the rigours of playing in the Champions League more than their opponents, having enjoyed a run all the way to the final last season where they lifted the trophy against Spurs.

"These are results over an intense period. We were always the [Premier League] club that was in the Champions League the longest. We lost 1-0 at Chelsea two seasons ago when we came from a Champions League game and they were not involved any more. That helps," he added.


"I don’t remember these specific away games but it was pretty rare that it was a performance that deserved to lose an away game."

Liverpool have managed a perfect start to the current season, having won all five of their games so far. They currently hold a two-point lead over Manchester City, although they could stretch that back out to five with a win at Stamford Bridge.

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