By 90Min
September 24, 2019

Chelsea fans have revealed that the unveiling of an Eden Hazard banner was an 'embarrassing' mistake. 

The banner, which showed the Belgian in his classic knee slide celebration, was held aloft in the famous Matthew Harding stand in the build-up to the Premier League clash with Liverpool on Sunday, and left many fans bemused.

Of course, it is not uncommon for Stamford Bridge to commemorate heroes past and present with such displays, but Hazard's departure to Real Madrid over the summer is still raw in the minds of many fans.

And, as revealed by a number of the club's fan pages, who are in charge of such pre-match exhibitions, it was in fact a simple mistake.

Chelseafan page We Are The Shed said on Twitter: "People actually thinking the Hazard flag was used on purpose by the Matthew Harding stand. Just an error that's all.

"So much work/effort goes into organising these things and having so many flags it was bound to happen one day! Wasn't ideal but if we can't laugh at ourselves."

He added: "It's a lot of effort/organisation, involves getting out of the pub early and also missing the first 10 minutes to pack away.

"Never take the MH flags for granted."

CFCUK Fanzine later tweeted: "Was embarrassing I agree but it is the club who inadvertently gave us the wrong banner to display.

"Too complicated to go into how the procedure works but by the time we realised the wrong banner was going out it was too late to stop it - it won't happen again."

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