Jurgen Klopp isn't going anywhere soon, but when the time comes, he knows who should take over for him at Anfield.

By 90Min
September 24, 2019

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has called on the Reds to hire Steven Gerrard when they eventually find themselves looking for a new manager.

Klopp, who won The Best FIFA Men's Coach 2019 in Milan on Monday night, has previously hinted that he may choose to walk away from the club when his current contract expires in 2022, suggesting he will do so if he feels as though he can no longer give his all to Liverpool. 

Although, Klopp's own agent jokingly suggested that the British weather might be the real reason for the German's eventual departure.

Club legend and current Rangers manager Gerrard has long been tipped to assume control of Liverpool at some point in the future, while Klopp told FourFourTwo that the former midfielder would be his first choice for the job.

When asked whether the presence of Kenny Dalglish as a director was a challenge for him, Klopp responded: “Kenny and Stevie have both been a really big support from day one.

“Second, my position as a manager has nothing to do with the people around me. If Liverpool were to sack me tomorrow, then maybe Kenny would be the first choice to replace me, but they would probably bring Stevie down from Glasgow.

“If you ask who should follow me, I’d say Stevie. I help him whenever I can."

Klopp went on to reiterate that the most important thing is that he feels as though he can give everything to his employers. He walked away from former clubs Borussia Dortmund and Mainz 05 after feeling burned out, and has suggested that he would do the same at Anfield.

“If someone gets your job, it’s not about them, it’s about you not being good enough. I’m old enough to know that I give this job everything. I’m not a genius, I’m not perfect, but I give the club 100%. If that’s enough, great. If it’s not, then it’s just the problem of the situation," he added.

“I’m not jealous, I’m not skeptical. I’m completely open. If you want my help, you’ll get it. My family often thinks that I’m too quick to open up, but I think being any other way is a waste of time. I love life, I love my job, I like most people – that’s how it is.”

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