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'Here They Go': Soccer Fans Rejoice as Clubs Withdraw From Super League

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Five Premier League clubs have withdrawn from the proposed European Super League, while Chelsea is reportedly set to join them, causing celebration among fans around the globe who panned the breakaway league idea.

News of Chelsea's reported decision to withdraw came as fans protested outside of Stamford Bridge before Chelsea's Premier League home match against Brighton on Tuesday. Demonstrations outside Stamford Bridge and other stadiums echoed the online condemnation that greeted news of the league's formation on Sunday.

The decisions of the other Premier League giants—Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal—could set off a chain reaction among the other clubs who had joined the league, with Atletico Madrid and Barcelona rumored to potentially be withdrawing as well.

Here's a look at how people across the sports world reacted to news of the European Super League shake-up:

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