Suriname Vice President Plays in Concacaf League Match at 60 Years Old

Father time is undefeated, but nobody tell that to the vice president of Suriname. Ronnie Brunswijk, who owns Inter Moengotapoe, captained and played for his team on Tuesday for a total of 54 minutes against Olimpia in a Concacaf League match. Brunswijk is 60 years old.

Brunswijk had led an interesting life in the small South American country that puts this most recent move into perspective. According to a New York Times profile, he has been "an elite paratrooper, a soccer player, a wanted bank robber, a guerrilla leader, a gold baron and a father to at least 50 children during his lifetime." 

He's also been convicted of drug trafficking in Europe but also helped bring democracy to Suriname. He's been questioned on where he earned his wealth by some but also has a reputation for generosity. An example being he used to shower his supporters with money while in a helicopter overhead. 

Suriname’s president, Chan Santokhi, hunted Brunswijk in the 80s as a police officer before the two joined forces politically. He built a reputation as a Robin Hood and would hand out money to people from robberies he would commit, per The New York Times

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He said his fortune came from timber and gold-mining concessions he obtained after the war and not a drug ring but used his wealth to get into politics. His efforts were in vain on Tuesday, however, with Inter Moengotapoe losing 6–0, and things took a turn after the match, with video circulating of Brunswijk handing out money to Olimpia players in the opposing locker room.

Concacaf issued a statement Wednesday expressing concern and stating that an investigation would take place.

"We are extremely concerned at the content of a video circulating on social media which raises potential integrity issues surrounding the Concacaf League match between Inter Moengotapoe and CD Olimpia," Concacaf wrote. "The matter is being referred to the Concacaf Disciplinary Committee who will commence a formal investigation and a further update will be provided when that process has concluded."

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