Biggest Takeaways from Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund

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Joshua Kimmich steals the show as Bayern Munich solidifies itself against Borussia Dortmund, leading with 7 points ahead with six games left. SI's Luis Miguel Echegaray breaks down the latest Bundesliga match against these two German powerhouses.

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Madelyn Burke: The Bundesliga returns to the pitch, Tuesday saw two of the most successful teams in German football face off in their Der Klassiker but it was Bayern Munich who came away with a win over Dortmund one nothing. So joining me now is Planet Football's Luis Miguel Echegaray, and Luis, it was a tight, intense game separated by a moment of magic from Joshua Kimmich. What do you make of this game?

Luis Miguel Echegaray: Madelyn, good to speak to you again. As you mentioned, there was a moment of magic by Joshua Kimmich. A beautiful lob just before the halftime whistle. It was a really interesting game, Der Klassiker... Obviously, this is the third game since the Bundesliga has returned since the pandemic and this was one of the games, it wasn't the first time, but it was one of the games to a major audience where we heard fake crowd noise during the entire game. Some liked it, some didn't. But, you know, I personally thought it gave it a really cool, energetic atmosphere. In terms of the match action itself. As you mentioned, the top two teams in the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund really needed to win this one as Bayern Munich still leads on top. Now, because of this win, it leads with seven points on top, six games remaining. So Dortmund really needed to win in order to at least close that gap. It started brightly. Borussia Dortmund really did a lot of things to try and press Bayern Munich with that high, intense pressure. I thought Erling Haaland, their number nine Norwegian striker, was a little quiet. He actually came off injured at the end of the game. As the game developed and Bayern Munich got more familiar to what the Home Side wanted to do, it came away with a precious three points. And now, as I mentioned, that is seven points ahead in the table with six games remaining. It is looking certain for that eighth title.

Madelyn Burke: Now, Dortmund, as you mentioned, they started brightly and the home side did have its moments. But once again, Hansi Flick's team figured it out in the end. So did Bayern deserve this victory?

Luis Miguel Echegaray: Yeah. Good question. I mean, listen, it's always going to be an even matchup with these two. They're so good. They are the best two teams in Germany. But I think they did. They definitely deserved this win. I think that the key thing here was Joshua Kimmich, not just because of his goal, but able to control alongside, of course, Muller in the middle, able to control the midfield. Listen, what happened is Borussia Dortmund is so good at just getting in your face. They have so many talented players that just want to keep pressing and pressing. But Bayern Munich is so good at figuring out your own strengths. And eventually, minute by minute, it slowly decapitates you and exploits your weaknesses. And that's exactly what happened. Robert Lewandowski, arguably the best striker in the world, didn't have a great game, but they didn't need to because everybody as a unit started to figure out Borussia Dortmund. So it was a possession game as the game developed. And I think that Bayern definitely deserved the three points.

Madelyn Burke: Absolutely. And with those three points and this win, as you mentioned, the title is pretty much sealed for Bayern Munich this year. Luis Miguel Echegaray, I thank you so much for the insight.