Do Not Undervalue the Talent of James Rodriguez

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SI's Luis Miguel Echegaray breaks down the talents of James Rodriguez and why his transfer to Everton may be beneficial for all parties involved.


As the Colombian reunites with Carlo Ancelotti, joining Everton and ready to begin his journey in the Premier League, the expected commentary regarding his abilities continues to surface. 

Is James good enough? Is he overrated? What can we make of his below-par career? The problem with undervaluing James is that many forget that a player’s growth is also relative to the system that allows him to be great. Did it work at Real Madrid under Zinedine Zidane? No. But his best season at Real Madrid was actually under Ancelotti.

Let’s not forget that his assist and goal numbers in the last 7 years are better than any Everton midfielder last season. So don’t overlook James Rodriguez. Not yet.