Happy 29th birthday, Andy Roddick

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Never been one to bite his tongue when with the media, Andy Roddick turned 29 on Tuesday. (Photo: ZUMAPRESS)

Andy Roddick turned 29 on Tuesday. It seems like yesterday he was that spikey-haired-Reebok-visor-wearing kid with a bionic shoulder that could fire thunderbolts.

Can we just take a moment and appreciate the fact that Roddick chose tennis over baseball? I mean, if you're as tired of hearing about the decline of American tennis as I am, you don't want to imagine what it would be like without him.

So as a tribute, here are my top 5 quotes from Roddick. Because regardless of how you feel about him on the court  -- seriously, do you always have to yell at the umpires, Andy? -- you have to agree that the man nails it with the press.

1. "It comes from playing like s**t. Why would I feel confident right now? If that was the case, I don't think we'd be sitting here having this funeral-like press conference. It's just weird because, I used to like hit for a half hour and then go eat Cheetos the rest of the day, come out and drill forehands. Now I'm really trying to make it happen, being professional, really going for it, and I miss my Cheetos."

-- 2006, after losing to Igor Andreev at Indian Wells

2. "I put in the work and wanted it so badly but this guy is the best for a reason. He is such a complete player ... maybe I'll just punch him or something, I don't know."

-- 2005, after losing to Roger Federer at Wimbledon

3. "I threw the kitchen sink at him but he went to the bathroom and got his tub."

-- 2004, after losing to Federer at Wimbledon

4. "I went in on his forehand and he passed me; I went in on his backhand and he passed me; I stayed back and he passed me even though I was at the baseline."

-- 2005, after losing to Federer at Wimbledon

5. "I think I've been portrayed as every single type of person -- good, bad, ugly, rude, nice. This is kind of the first time that it's been presented in a light that I'm a kind of hard-working, everyday-Joe-type tennis player trying to make good."

-- 2009, addressing a question about his evolving image

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