Say What? Quote roundup from Day 4

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A roundup of the best quotage from players on Day 4 of the U.S. Open.

• "It's not like you guys are a bunch of aliens sitting there and I should be like, 'Oh, my God, freaking out.' It's definitely fine for me. Should I be scared or something?"

- Sloane Stephens, on whether she's comfortable dealing with the media.

• "No, I haven't. I might read it. I don't know. I haven't come across it yet. He hasn't given me one yet. (Laughter.) If he doesn't, I'll go buy one. That's not the issue.  (Laughter.)"

- Roger Federer, on whether he's had a chance to read Rafael Nadal's book.

• "It really wasn't that difficult, to be honest. I mean, she wants me to do the best; she wouldn't want me to suffer. So now, if anything, it should motivate me more."

- Serena Williams, on whether it was difficult to keep her focus in light of Venus' withdrawal.

• "One of the guys actually on the way out, he said, Hey, listen, I paid 100 bucks. You're staying an hour and a half on the court. That's a lot to pay for a ticket. Give me something so I get back home with a happy face. Give me a racquet or something (laughter)."

- Novak Djokovic, after demolishing Carlos Berlocq in 90 minutes.

• "I think you got to work your way up. You just can't get things handed to you. That's not good."

- Sloane Stephens, on why she didn't want her match to be scheduled on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

• "It's like I'm sitting there and watching tennis and I'm like, 'Hmm maybe I can beat them, maybe I can do that.' "

- Serena Williams, on what motivated her to get back on court after being sidelined with injury.

• "See, the thing is, I don't like traffic. It's very hard for me to drive in traffic. And my brother is the most annoying person to have in the car when you're driving. Seriously, he'll be like, 'Why aren't you honking? What are you doing? Get in that lane.' I'll be like, 'Can you stop? I need to focus.' He'll be reaching over to honk the horn. It's crazy."

- Sloane Stephens, on her dilemma of wanting to buy a car but hating L.A. traffic.

• "I really don't think about it. I just run after the ball and hit it. I guess if some noise comes out, it does. I don't really try to like impose a grunt or whatever. Like today I was practicing on the P courts. Azarenka was practicing. She grunts really loud in practice even. I was like, Wow. I was thinking, What am I doing? I'm not doing anything. I'm not loud or anything. My coach grunts louder than me."

- Sloane Stephens, on why she doesn't grunt.

• "You know, my long-time goal would be nice if my daughter could watch me play tennis live, which is gonna be hard because she's only nine and a half months. So that means I'm gonna have to be around quite some time. We'll see, you know. You have to have some sort of goals in life, and that's certainly one of them."

- Tommy Haas, on career longevity and how having a child has changed his career.

• "But maybe something is missing upstairs."

- Gael Monfils, on why he dives on hardcourts even though it hurts.

• "I told her never look through the guy's phone. That is the worst thing you can do. I told her most relationships end. (Laughter.) It wasn't very good advice."

- Serena Williams's relationship advice to Caroline Wozniacki.

• "Yeah, I think I should not listen to her or Venus (laughter). She was not better."

- Caroline Wozniacki, on getting relationship advice from Serena and Venus Williams in the locker room.

• "I think it's different for every person, because some people like to be in the middle of attention or public eye and others don't. It's just very personal how you like to deal with it. I think, you know, once you decide how you want to handle it you should go about it. Of course if you want to be more private, that's harder. If you want to be out there it's a little bit easier."

- Ana Ivanovic's advice to Caroline Wozniacki on dating a high-profile golfer.

• "With 5-4 in the fifth set, you know, I felt very special on the court. I mean, when you saw this crowd enjoying all the time during the match, but at the end I think they love this kind of matches. So it's great to be in there."

- Juan Carlos Ferrero, on the standing ovation from the Armstrong crowd after his epic five-set match against Gael Monfils.

• "Oh, God, am I that bad?"

- Andrea Petkovic, on her personality being compared to Marat Safin's.

• "Yeah, we're done. We're ready to go to the top, baby. What's up?"

- Sloane Stephens, on the lull in American tennis.