Daily Bagel: Tennis' first grunter makes noise

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• Slate's Josh Levin tracks down and interviews the first tennis grunter. Great read.

• So, now that that's over, how do we tweak the U.S. Open schedule?

• Ever wondered what would happen if Ari Fleischer did media training with Serena Williams as Victoria Azarenka grunted on? Well, now you don't have to.

• A roundup of tennis' not-so-great moments during the 2011 U.S. Open.

• Pete Bodo revisits his 2007 article on Novak Djokovic: The Perfect Player.

• What exactly does Rafael Nadal have to figure out to beat Djokovic?

• Mats Wilander on Roger Federer: "There's no question he's better now than he's ever been. He's just not winning."

• Most of this is a rehash, but it's worth reading for the rationale for Serena's' $2,000 fine.

• Why Andy Murray may be the most compelling player in the game.

• Between Serena's overcompensating and Sam Stosur's awkwardness, this picture just seems to capture that moment perfectly.

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