Memory Lane: Safin treats trophy like racket

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Marat Safin loses the bottom part of his trophy from his Barcelona title in 2000. (AP)

Introducing Memory Lane, a recurring feature in which we dig through's photo archives for classic pictures.

Ah, Marat Safin. Fans are still mourning the absence of the former world No. 1, who retired nearly two years ago. He was always entertaining, whether destroying rackets, arguing with umpires or flashing that rueful smile when he knew all was lost. Safin was often described as an underachieving head case. But I've always argued that he was actually an overachiever. Sure, he had the talent to win more than two majors, but given his combustible nature, it's a marvel that he actually won that many.

Regardless, the charismatic Russian has been missed. So you can imagine the squeals of delight when his sister and another ex-No. 1, Dinara Safina, who is on indefinite leave from the WTA Tour because of a back injury, tweeted some baby pictures of her brother as she was doing her own walk down memory lane. You can see more of the Safin family photo album here.