Memory Lane: Meat Loaf and Johnny Mac

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Meat Loaf and John McEnroe team up at a celebrity pro-am event in 1982. (Carlos Rene Perez/AP)

Memory Lane is a recurring feature in which we dig through's photo archives for classic pictures.

At first, I thought Meat Loaf (did you know it was two words? I had to Google that) was wearing jeggings at this tennis exhibition 19 years ago. That would be both weird and slightly ahead of his time. But after some extensive research (*cough* Googled again *cough*) led to an up-close look via the video below, it turns out he's not wearing jeggings after all (phew!).

He's wearing baseball pants and stirrups.

Which ... never mind. That makes less sense than jeggings.

Check out the video from the celebrity pro-am event, which also featured Vitas Gerulaitis and guitarist Carlos Santana.