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Memory Lane: There's something about Mary

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Mary Pierce autographs the head of supporter Andrew Lawton at the 1997 Australian Open. (Andrew Wong/Reuters)

Memory Lane is a recurring feature in which we dig through’s photo archives for classic pictures.

It brings me great comfort knowing that I live in a world where Mary Pierce is the sliver that binds the Venn diagram combining Rancid fans, tennis fans and autograph hounds. And, really, is it any shock that she's the tie that binds?

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Let's relive a classic Pierce moment from 2005, from Rancid's home state of California, no less. On her sixth match point against Ai Sugiyama, Pierce gets an easy overhead smash. Now, convention would dictate that she, you know, smash it. But, no, not Mary Pierce. She goes an alternate route.

Because that's how punk she is: