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Djokovic, Robson looking sharp for 'Twilight'


Novak Djokovic, his girlfriend Jelena Ristic (left) and 17-year-old British player Laura Robson arrive for the premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' in London. (Reuters)

And so it is that time of the year, my friends. The time when teens and women who have always dreamed of marrying an emotionally stunted, pale, ice-cold yet dashing young man with an accent who magically makes his desire to rip his loved ones to shreds appear utterly charming, come out in full force to soak in the modern-day retelling of the Montagues and Capulets that is Twilight.

The fourth installment, Breaking Dawn, premiered in London on Wednesday, and lo and behold, we had tennis players on the red carpet! Novak Djokovic and Laura Robson are unapologetic Twilight fans, with Djokovic posting pictures that show his Twilight collection in full force and Robson being, well, a 17-year-old girl. Makes sense.

Robson, Djokovic and his girlfriend, Jelena Ristic, showed up looking sharp, though it must have taken every ounce of Ristic's self-control not to reach up and straighten out her man's tie. You're the best tennis player on the planet, not a waiter, Novak! As for Robson, all I can say is they grow up so fast.

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"It was such a great experience to be at my first premiere," Robson told "It was incredible how many Twilight fans had camped out for three days just to get a glimpse of the case. I really enjoyed the movie, there was plenty of drama. Although I was slightly distracted by all the famous people."

Djokovic had a good time, too, tweeting afterward, "The movie was great and make sure you go and watch it with your loved ones, very romantic and full of emotions ;)".

You have to respect a man who openly embraces his inner tween. In fact, he's gone so far as to reference the movies with his fellow ATPers. Gilles Simon, who bears a striking resemblance to Robert Pattinson, says he gets stick about it all the time.

"Too many [people] told me that at the moment," the Frenchman said last year when asked about looking like Pattinson. "I know my coach told it to me the first time, and then Novak Djokovic always call me Robert when he sees me."