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He Said/She Said: Dance moves and puppies

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Robin Soderling welcomes a new addition, Victoria Azarenka joins in on the dancing craze, and Serena Williams says her best is yet to come. Here's the best from the tennis Twitterverse.

Tweet of the Week: Tweeter @Ataraxis00 points out the obvious in response to this picture from Gael Monfils and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga:


Best of the Rest

10. What were they serving?: Serena's itchy for 2012 to come.


9. Oh, she's got moves all right: Victoria Azarenka is taking dancing lessons. How much longer until she shakes her groove thing with Serena?


8. Paging Lea Michele: Wasn't this a plot-line on Glee?


7. Reading minds: Movember was a great cause and seeing the amount of support from men across the world was truly moving. That said, Rebecca Marino isn't wrong.


6. Starting slow: The players are already back in the gym getting ready for 2012. You can't blame them if it's a little slow going at the moment.


5. So much for vacation: Mardy Fish took two days off and is back training. Two. Days.


4. BTB bait: If you're going to post a ridiculously adorable picture of your new dog, I will post it. It's simple science.


3. Better late than never: What caused the sudden maturation? The mind boggles.


2. Mysterious heartbreak: Let's go ahead and assume she's not referring to Andy here.


1. Watch out world: Scary words from a champion.