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Daily Bagel: Meet the Murrays

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• Who hasn't imitated Rafael Nadal yet? Add Fernando Verdasco's very awkward impression to the list.

• The Murray family reunited this week for a panel discussion at the National Museum of Scotland to talk about the importance of sport in their lives (hint: very!). This piece has some fun anecdotes that gives some flavor as to what it was like to grow up in such a competitive household. "The three aren’t in the same country, never mind the same room, very often with Andy having missed the last three Christmases to ready himself in Florida for the Australian. So Judy must love it when she gets her boys back and she mentions a 'dropped rubber' in Tel Aviv and Andy cracks a rude joke. It’s what families are all about." Odd fact: Andy has never seen Napoleon Dynamite.

• Steve Tignor and Kamakshi Tandon, on the stories going forward as Australia becomes a distant memory. Like Tandon, I'm curious to see how Victoria Azarenka handles the No. 1 spot, not so much on-court, but off it. "She’s long got along well with the players she’s friends with," Tandon writes, "but at the French two years ago, it took something akin to a two-day manhunt, a fully-equipped SWAT team and interrogation techniques barely in line with the Geneva Convention to get an interview from her (I exaggerate, but still). Then there was the now-famous lecture from her grandmother before Miami last year, which seems to have had a lasting impact. By the time the French came around again, she was in a good mood, willing to talk and really sounded very mature in her attitude towards her game and results. I didn’t know whether to be bemused or impressed. I’m still a bit of both, but I kind of like the bad-girl-turned-good vibe she’s giving off right now."

• In this CNN interview with Novak Djokovic, he's already preparing himself to chase the "Golden Slam," which has been accomplished by only player: Steffi Graf. "It gives me goose bumps and little butterflies in the stomach when I start thinking about the 'Golden Slam,'" Djokovic says.

• An update on the Comcast/Tennis Channel dispute: The FCC is recommending the stay on the panel's decision be lifted, which would force Comcast to offer Tennis Channel to its customers under the same terms it offers Versus (now NBC Sports) and Golf Channel.

• Former doubles No. 1 Paola Suarez is coming out of retirement in hopes to play with Gisela Dulko at the Olympics for Argentina. "One night in November, Gisela came to dinner with me and my husband," she wrote for ESPNDeportes. "I'm not sure where it came from but suddenly I felt a great desire to meet the challenge... That was the beginning and now I'm ready to face the challenge. I'm going to do my best - I'll work, practice and focus as hard as I can. It's going to be the most difficult but most exciting challenge of my life."

• Did you know there are tennis courts in Grand Central Station? Here's a cool look at one writer's visit to the Vanderbilt Tennis Club. "We started playing and immediately began to notice the acoustics of the place. It echoes like nobody's business. Our casual rallies sounded like an epic exchange of thunderbolts. Hitting a medium-paced winner up the line and having it sound like a cannon shot definitely added to your feeling of grandeur on the court. I’m sure to anyone watching, we were two moderately athletic guys having some fun, occasionally managing to look like we knew what we were doing. But with that amazing setting and the booming sound of every hit, we felt like titans."

• Novak Djokovic and Victoria Azarenka topped ESPN's cross-sport power rankings.

An interview with Carlos Costa, agent to Rafael Nadal. "He's like family for me and I'm like family for him," Costa says. "He's so loyal. He has been working with the same team for 11 years already. Sometimes when [tennis players improve and] start winning … they don't like to listen to the people around because they think they are right. Rafa always has his people around and he listens to the people. It's very easy to work with him."

• Non-tennis: Fun read about a bunch of guys who started a bike company almost by accident.

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