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Daily Bagel: Novak Djokovic the new standard for toughness


By C.W. Sesno,

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• I'm not sure what's better about Nicolas Almagro's one-handed down-the-line backhand winner; the shot itself, or the call: "This is an oil painting of a backhand!"

• The 6-3, 6-4 scoreline doesn't show how tough it was for Novak Djokovic to get past Almagro and that offensive one-handed backhand. It all comes down to his resiliency and toughness, writes's Howard Bryant. "What Djokovic displayed, however, was a reservoir of toughness -- something we used to associate with only Nadal or Roger Federer. ... The truth is that in a handful of moments over the course of the year, it was Djokovic who did not blink."

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