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Daily Bagel: Roger Federer wants No. 1

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• I'm still trying to figure out how Rafael Nadal hit that backhand flick on Thursday.

• Roger Federer gave some exclusive interviews to a select group of reporters in Switzerland on Thursday. Here's the (approved) English translation of his interview with Federer biographer, Rene Stauffer.

"To get back to No. 1 would indeed be a crowning moment, absolutely, it would be incredible. Therefore I’m doing everything for it and played more tournaments."

• Seann William Scott and Andy Roddick are virtual twins and Scott is totally going to roll with it.

"I was in Seville and I didn't know that he was staying at the same hotel and I love the guy - I don't know him but I think he's a great tennis player - I had a big group of people, (shouting) 'Andy Roddick, Andy Roddick' coming up to me. I was so blown away they weren't calling me (American Pie character) Stifler I'm like, 'I'm gonna ride this Andy Roddick thing for a while', sign Andy Roddick's name for like an hour!"

Christina McHale will play the New Haven Open, but surprisingly, four-time champion Caroline Wozniacki, who is 18-0 in New Haven (and 1-0 in public makeout sessions) has yet to confirm.

• Congratulations to James Blake and his fiancée, who are expecting a baby.

• Speaking of babies, congratulations are in order for Cara Black and her husband, who welcomed baby boy Lachlan into the world on Thursday in Melbourne.

• A CNN profile on Victoria Azarenka, wherein she dons a chef's hat and cooks some fish.

• Non-tennis: This is the best picture you'll see in a while.

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