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Happy birthday, Roger, now let's queue up the laugh track

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Roger Federer turned 31 on Wednesday, and has had great moments off the court as well as on it. (AP)

Roger Federer

If you believe that Roger Federer is playing some of his best tennis as he gets older, then today is your day of jubilation. The Swiss Great (or GOAT, depending on your take) turns 31 years old on Wednesday, and after a month that saw him win his seventh Wimbledon, regain the No. 1 ranking, break Pete Sampras' record for most weeks at No. 1 and win an Olympic silver medal, 31 never looked so good.

We've seen Federer go from being a 17-year-old punk with bleach-blond hair (what?), to a ponytailed Bono look-alike making good on his talent, to a guy who clearly got a talking to from Anna Wintour (thankfully) and settled into the perfectly coiffed, suited up collection of cool that we know today. But one of the most endearing of Federer's traits has always been his underlying dorkiness, and never is that more clear than when he gets stuck in one of his famous laughing fits.

We'll save the on-court achievements for another time. They say laughter keeps you young, so in that spirit, here are some of Federer's best entries for the Laff-A-Lympics.

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Two stars get the giggles: Perhaps the most famous clip of them all, Federer practically starts hyperventilating as he can't keep a straight face around Rafael Nadal. But really, who could?


Translation, please: All Federer had to do was sit with a straight face as CNN's Pedro Pinto read some questions in Spanish. Turns out Federer is better at tennis than sitting with a straight face.


Locker-room humor: Has anyone in tennis history been as giggly in a postmatch news conference as Federer? Give me video evidence.


Dance 'til it hurts: Inappropriate white guy dancing always brings the funny. Not even Federer could ignore it.


What are your favorite off-court moments from Roger Federer? Sound off in the comments.