Daily Bagel: More prize money issues?

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• Video: Novak Djokovic, Mardy Fish and Missy Franklin dance along to Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe at Arthur Ashe Kids Day. Oh, and Ryan Harrison did this:


• Another Slam, another prize-money issue: News broke over the weekend that the ATP is considering a boycott of the Australian Open unless early-round prize money increases. Or not:

London's Sunday Times said there were rumours the ATP was considering staging an alternative tournament to the Australian Open in Dubai if players did not receive a higher percentage of tournament revenue. But the ATP was stern in ruling out such radical action on Sunday. "The ATP has been clear and repetitive in telling players that it will not organise a boycott," Kate Gordon said in a statement.

• Can a tennis federation create champions? Great look into both sides of the argument with respect to the USTA:

If the U.S.T.A. can expand the base of young players, the thinking goes, it will eventually churn out better talent. To make technique easier to master for children 10 and under, the U.S.T.A. in January mandated smaller equipment and court sizes. And in an effort to make competing more affordable, starting in 2014 fewer national tournaments will be conducted and they will have smaller fields to emphasize regional junior competitions.

But some critics argue that the U.S.T.A.’s objectives to grow the game and to develop top talent are mutually exclusive. Its methods are hotly debated. Some coaches and parents contend the modified equipment will inhibit development, not enhance it.

• Max Eisenbud represents the top two highest-paid female athletes in Maria Sharapova and Li Na (or as I like to call them, "the Eisenbuds"). Here's a look into how a $27,000 job landed him the hottest property in women's sport:

“Max is half family, half agent,” Sharapova said. “He has been with me and believed in me from the beginning. I can be guarded around new people, but with Max, because of our history, there is a special level of trust.” Around the Eisenbud home in Miami, where he lives with his wife, Danielle, and two young sons, Sharapova is known as Aunt Maria. “Everything I have I owe to her, from the house I live in to the toys I buy my kids,” Eisenbud said.

• Players and commentators are asked what they'd do to improve the U.S Open. Once again Li steals the scene:

“Maybe take out the French fries. No, I mean, every time I was being the U.S. Open I always can smell the French fries everywhere, you know. Sometimes good, but sometimes if you are hungry, it’s very tough to hold out.”

15 Burning Questions with Ana Ivanovic.

• This is great: SI.com's Bryan Armen Graham talks to rapper Pusha T about his tennis passion. He picks Djokovic and Serena Williams to win the U.S Open:

"It's a great sport. People should be way more in tune. Like people kill me on Twitter all the time, 'cause when a match is on I'll be tweeting about it, and I have a handful of followers who just go crazy and hate the fact that I love tennis.... I mean, hey, I'm a rapper, I rap about street stuff. I guess I just can't like tennis. It's just one of those things people ain't ready to take from me. It's hilarious."

• Check out the guest list for the birthday party Anna Wintour hosted for Roger Federer: Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Bradley Cooper and Seth Meyers.

• NPR profiles Brian Baker.

• Rafael Nadal's shirtless rehab.

• Non-tennis: How Days of Thunder changed Hollywood.

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