Stosur Shuffle debuts at U.S. Open

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Samantha Stosur and LMFAO's RedFoo are now fast friends. (Photo from Sam Stosur's Facebook page)


Defending U.S. Open champion Samantha Stosur is quietly cruising through the draw, dropping a mere five games through the first two rounds. Needless to say, she's feeling pretty good. So good that the normally quiet and unassuming Aussie decided to break out into a dance Wednesday after her 6-3, 6-0 victory against Edina Gallovits-Hall in the second round:


It turns out that the Stosur Shuffle wasn't entirely spontaneous. She met RedFoo of LMFAO -- the band that blessed us with the jock-jam earworm Party Rock Anthem --  before the match and he was sitting in her player's box.

"I figured, well, there's only going to be maybe one chance you can do that at the U.S. Open with him there," she said.

"I'm sure I looked like a goose. I'm waiting for someone to tell me if it was all right or not."

Whether it looked all right or not -- I wouldn't say she looked like a goose -- it was a great display of Stosur's personality, something she's generally kept under wraps for no other reason than she doesn't feel the need to show it off. With her steely on-court demeanor and eyes hidden behind her Oakleys, I've heard fans complain about Stosur's relatability.

So here's your entree into the relatability of Sam Stosur: She does the funky chicken, just like us.

For a funny take on the Stosur Shuffle, check out this fan video that's actually scored to LMFAO: