Daily Bagel: More Andy Roddick tributes

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• Video: ATP Uncovered offers a tribute to Andy Roddick.

• Speaking of Roddick, if you want to see some classic Roddick matches, check you ESPN Classic listings. The network kicked off a five match, 18-hour block of Roddick matches today, including the 2009 Wimbledon final, the 2003 U.S. OPen final, and the 2003 Australian Open quarterfinal.

• Greg Couch nails it in this piece on the USTA's handling of the Taylor Townsend controversy.

A teenage girl whose natural and healthy body type doesn’t fit into a size zero, or onto the cover of a magazine, is already under enough pressure. You cannot tell her that her problem is “fitness” without her hearing the word “fatness.” You can’t add punishment for it, hold back money for her future, threaten her family’s finances. Bluntly: You can’t be sure if that action will push her to train harder or force her to put a finger down her throat.

• Serena and Venus Williams have pulled their support of a documentary about themselves that was filmed with their cooperation. The film was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and here's one fan's meticulous notes on what she saw. It sounds like a must-watch.

• Great stuff from the vault: A video of Andy Murray at 18-years old training in Spain.

For all of Murray's straightforward simplicity and lack of obvious charisma, he's an interesting guy. From a young age, he’s had a strong and slightly mysterious inner motivation, a Spartan mindset, and a tendency to put a ton of pressure on himself—at 18, he was already assessing his game in comparison to the world’s best player.

• Even Beyonce was inspired by the U.S. Open finals.

• Andy Roddick and Milos Raonic will play an exhibition in Toronto on November 16th. Serena Williams and Aga Radwanska will also take part.

• More exo scheduling: Venus and Serena will head down to South Africa for one in November. Off-season? What off-season.

• Justin Henin announces she's expecting a baby in March. Congrats!

• Non-tennis: An American goes to Beijing to learn table tennis.

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