By Bruce Jenkins
June 25, 2013
The single-hand backhand has become a historical touchstone of sorts, demarcating an era gone by.
Caryn Levy/SI
Serena Williams has one of the most powerful two-handed backhands in the women's game.
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

As Wimbledon moves forward with the times, routinely tearing down ages-old structures for the sake of modernization and placing a roof on Centre Court, it's only fitting. Things can't ever stay the same, in any sport, and it's best to ride out progress with a smile. One of the game's top analysts, Mary Carillo, has expressed her reservations over the years, but she keeps the proper perspective. "I have a hard time denouncing the new technology the way a lot of people do," she said. "You can't un-ring the technology bell."

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