Daily Bagel: The Venus-Serena dynamic

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• Video: Tennis impressionist Josh Berry took the stage with Novak Djokovic during the Dubai Championships player party to show off his skills.

• Great interview by ESPN.com's Sandra Harwitt with Serena and Venus Williams on how their relationship has changed over the years.

"I think a big difference is that Serena's grown up a lot and has become more and more of her own person," said Venus while grabbing a late -- and light -- vegan-approved dinner after her match in Dubai. "She is the youngest of five, and when you're the youngest of five you want to be like all the oldest ones. Especially in the last two years, she's been able to become her own person and really be her own self. I'm really proud of her."

For Serena, the "little sister wanting to emulate an older sister" mentality came with a particularly difficult stress factor that she had no control over.

"I never wanted anything else but to be Venus, which I see now is kind of pathetic," said Serena, laughing. "When I didn't copy Venus, I copied my other sister Lyn. I'm just a copycat." This is where Serena became serious: "We didn't fight -- we weren't allowed to fight -- that was a rule in the house. But I remember the only thing I didn't like was my body image. We always used to be the same, same, same, same, and then I changed and she was always the same. It's not something I didn't like about her, but that I was definitely envious of as a teenager."

It took her time to get over, but Serena now accepts she's not a wiry 6-foot-1 figure like Venus.

"Oh yes, I'm happy now. Oh God, curvy is in. I'm in style now," she said, smiling. "She's out of style, and I'm in style."

• Andy Murray fell behind 5-0 in the first set to Pablo Andujar before coming back to win 3-6, 6-1, 6-2 in the first round of the Mexican Open on Tuesday.

• Yes, Murray is thinking about marriage.

• Harwitt also spoke to Sergei Bubka Jr., who is back on court after falling from a third-story window in Paris last year.

• What Davis Cup and Fed Cup could learn from the Olympics.

• From the China Daily: Think before damning Li Na.

• Laura Robson, still recovering from a wrist injury, is out of Indian Wells.

• An independent documentary on the great Althea Gibson is looking for funding.