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Photos: Sony Open fashion misses

Fashion is a funny thing in tennis. You want to look hot, but you don't want to look, well, hot. With the players chasing the sun all over the globe, the best look is one that makes them appear like they're out for a fun hit at the local park, as opposed to miserably steaming in the Miami humidity.

The best way to do that is with light, bright colors, which was the key to our fashion hits. But when the color scheme goes wrong, there's no saving a good on-court look.

Here are our Sony Open fashion misses.


Maria Sharapova: Exhibit A for why colors matter. Nike went from putting Sharapova in some fresh spring colors, like light blue, to making her look like a dirty marshmallow Peep that got run over by an 18-wheeler. That's not a good look.


Serena Williams: The teal and orange kit is an homage to the Miami Dolphins; Serena and Venus have a minority ownership stake in the NFL franchise. The dress is a success in making her look like a Dolphins cheerleader, which technically she is, but it also made me miss the awesome dress Serena wore last year.


Andy Murray: Like the women, Adidas gave its men the same kit with different color shirts so they could mix and match. That's fine in theory, but why did every shirt look so baggy on the guys? It was the most egregious on Murray, who has spent his last two years in slim-fitting gear. Now he looks like he stole something from James Blake's closet. Brad Gilbert wasn't a fan either.


David Ferrer: Miami Vice? That shirt is a Miami vice.


Elina Svitolina: Svitolina, 19, will become the WTA's highest-ranked teenager on Monday and she's starting to rack up some quality wins. This means I can't keep mercifully ignoring the dresses Ellesse keeps giving her. Spare a thought for the kid.


Lleyton Hewitt: Let's pretend this is an homage to the great Harold Ramis and leave it at that.

All photos via Clive Brunskill/Getty Images