Watch: Brooklyn Decker smashed a racket during a tennis lesson from Andy Roddick

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Brooklyn Decker going all Andy Roddick on a tennis racket? Where's the footage, internet?

The actress and SI Swimsuit veteran appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night to promote her new television show Friends With Better Lives, and it turns out she's just as hot-headed on the tennis court as her husband.

Decker told Ferguson she refuses to play tennis with Roddick because she'll "always be the worst tennis player in the house." Wait, Andy doesn't let you win a few games, Brooklyn?

"When you're married to an athlete there's no 'letting win,'" Decker said. "That's not even in their vocabulary."

Not that she hasn't tried to improve her tennis game. Roddick's given her a few condescending tips on how to hit a forehand and his tone pushed her over the edge.

"I said stop talking to me like I'm a five year old," she said. "You can tell me like an adult how to hit a tennis ball. And he said to me 'If you play like a five year old I'm going to have to talk to you like a five year old.' Oh yeah. So I crushed the racket into a million little bits."

Important follow-up question for Decker: Was it as good a smash as this one?

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