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Songs and lyrics about tennis players that every tennis fan should know, including Venus and Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and more. 

By Courtney Nguyen
July 17, 2014

This week, in conjunction with her Vogue cover story, Serena Williams dropped a sassy and fun tribute to Beyoncé's "7/11."  Now we turn our eyes and ears to some of the best—err memorable?—musical tributes made to your favorite tennis players from artists around the world.

Player: Venus Williams

Song: "I'm Ready" by Wyclef Jean.


Key lyric: "Her name is Venus, ruler of the universe. Master of all turfs, as it is written so shall it be done."

Verdict: It's auto-tuned like crazy, but this actually makes a great walk out song. And the U.S. Open DJ has used it in the past for Venus.

Player: Serena Williams

Song: "Can I Be Your Tennis Ball?" by Jamie Foxx


Key lyric: "Can I be your tennis ball/ You can smack me up against the wall/ Do it slow or do it fast/Can I fit inside your...bag."

Verdict: This is the greatest thing Jamie Foxx has ever done. It's all in the delivery.

Player: Rafael Nadal

Song: "The Rafa Nadal Song" by Lan Party


Key lyric: It's in Serbian. But according to the translated lyrics, this is one line: "You're not one of us but it's like we're the same, 'cause we all had enough of Djokovic." 

Verdict: If you like Nickelback and Rafa, this is your jam. 

Player: Andy Roddick

Song: "Hey, Hey, It's Andy Roddick" by Binge


Key Lyric: "The way he smashed that ball it's so psychotic. Hypnotic. Roddick."

Verdict: If you can get past the fake Jamaican accent, it's a solid tribute.

Player: Rafael Nadal

Song: "Vamos Rafa"


Key Lyric: "Adios Amigo, see you next time on the courts. And in the meantime, por favor, can you do something about those shorts?"

Verdict: Vamos Rafa, Vamos Rafa! Come on, it's catchy.

Player: Andy Murray

Song: "Hey There, Andy Murray" by Far In Jim


Key Lyric: "When you win at the tennis you make everybody happy. Then there is a pause and we move on with our lives."

Verdict: No song captures the essence of Murray and British tennis fans like this one. 

Player: Steffi Graf

Song: "I'm in Love with Steffi Graf" by Hugh Laurie


​Key Lyric: "And when she hits that topspin second serve/I think I know the meaning of love."

Verdict: Anything involving Hugh Laurie is awesome, right?

Player: Anna Kournikova (also Maria Sharapova)

Song: "Anna Kournikova" by Binge
(Years later they changed the lyrics for Maria Sharapova).


Key Lyric: "Anna Kournikova with your real short hemline, let's go to the Kremlin now."

Verdict: It's basically a Bush song without Gavin Rossdale. 

Player: Roger Federer

Song: "The Roger Federer Song"


Key Lyric: Every lyric that rhymes "Federer" with anything.

Verdict: It's tennis' version of Titus Andromedon's "Pinot Noir" song

Song: "The Wimbledon Song" by Robin Ward


Key Lyric: "We've had a good look at the order of play and decided who we're going to see today. But before we head to Court 15 we gonna nibble through a bonnet of strawberries and cream."

Verdict: The cardboard cutout video is fun. 

Player: Roger Federer

Song: "The Legend of Roger Federer"


Key Lyric: Something about dragons.

Verdict: Hard to question the passion in this Sarah Brightman-esque vocal. 

Player: Kim Clijsters

Song: "Time Gone (Kim's Song)" by Brian Lynch


Key Lyric: "There were so many things unsure in your life, you just lost your dad then. But you kept him close inside of your heart, but with us by your side and your self-belief you just tore everyone apart."

Verdict: Part love song from Clijsters husband, part tribute to her tennis, the song moved Clijsters to tears during her retirement special in Belgium. 

Player: Victoria Azarenka

Song: "Heart of a Champion" by Redfoo


​Key Lyric: Victoria Azarenka's trademark grunt.

Verdict: One of the few songs on this list that sound modern, for better or worse.

Player: Milos Raonic

Song: "Milos Raonic PSA Song"


Key Lyric: "More people will try tennis/He's influenced them all/Revolutionized the sport from B.C. to Bishop Falls."

Verdict: Very Canadian. I just don't understand why they're pronouncing his name wrong. 

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