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By Courtney Nguyen
December 30, 2014

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• It's official: Andy Murray inks a deal with Under Armour

• Andy Roddick wants to scrap Hawk-Eye because tennis is more entertaining when players get to yell at umpires. 

• Dear Serena Williams: We do not like writing injury stories. Please watch where you're going:


• Tennis Has An Income Inequality Problem: Prize money on the ATP Challenger Tour is shrinking, writes Carl Bialik for

After adjusting for inflation, prize money on the ATP’s Challenger Tour — the equivalent of baseball’s AAA minor league — has fallen by 25 percent in the last six years.

Soon after the ATP’s announcement, the International Tennis Federation released results of its analysis of the pro game’s financials. Among the sobering findings: Only 336 men and 253 women made more than they spent playing tennis last year.

• If you are a top tennis player, you're probably on a plane to Australia or the Middle East right now. 

• The Changeover does their look-back on the 2014 ATP and WTA seasons.

• A look at the 2015 French Open poster:


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