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French Open champion Stan Wawrinka said on Wednesday Nick Kyrgios still had not apologized for his on-court comment toward Wawrinka in last week’s Rogers Cup match.

By SI Wire
August 19, 2015

French Open champion Stan Wawrinka said on Wednesday that Nick Kyrgios still had not apologized for his on-court comment toward Wawrinka in last week’s Rogers Cup match.

After defeating Borna Coric in the Cincinnati Masters 6–3, 6–7, 3–6, Wawrinka told Sky Sports he had not yet received a personal apology from Kyrgios, who did write an apology post on Facebook last week. TV cameras picked up Kyrgios telling Wawrinka during the Aug. 12 match that fellow Australian player Thanasi Kokkinakis had slept with Wawrinka’s girlfriend, Croatian tennis player Donna Vekic. Wawrinka separated from his wife in April.

“He didn’t apologize, no,” Wawrinka said on Wednesday. “But I prefer not to talk about him. Thank you.”

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Asked by Sky Sports if he was ready to move past the incident and “draw a line under it,” Wawrinka said, ”I’m trying to put it away. But what’s happened, people don’t see the consequence for everybody. So I’m trying to put it away.”

The ATP fined Kyrgios $12,500 for the comment and a related offense, and Kyrgios has faced significant backlash from the tennis world since. World No. 2 Roger Federer criticized Kyrgios for the barb in his first press conference since the incident.

“I think we all agree that he definitely crossed the line by a long shot,” Federer said, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We’re not used to that kind of talk in tennis. I know in other sports it’s quite common, maybe normal. Not in our sport, really. I think it’s normal that the tour comes down hard on him and explains to him that it's not the way forward.”

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