Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Men's distance run on court at the U.S. Open through the first two rounds of play.

By Staff
September 06, 2015

Distance run is a unique statistic. It can be very revealing and hold implications as to how a player’s tournament will unfold. For instance, players who run less usually are powerful and dictate the pace of play in their matches, like Roger Federer. They are also more efficient in their matches by avoiding extra sets. For players covering more distance on court, the stats can indicate a high level of athleticism. Depending on their level of fitness, that might be the style of play that is successful for them. However, it is an implication that they are playing more sets, increasing their time on the court, like Andy Murray. No matter what a player’s strategy, it will be interesting to see which of these players can make a deep run into the tournament, whether it's with fresh legs or ones with some miles on them.

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