Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Gael Monfils was unfazed by the pouring rain in New York on Thursday.

By Rohan Nadkarni
September 01, 2016

Rain has taken over New York for most of Thursday. Looking out the window at the SI offices, I’m already terrified of how wet everything is going to be on the hot, miserable subway ride home tonight. 

Some people seem to be enjoying the gloomy weather however, particularly Frenchman and world No. 12 Gael Monfils, who next plays on Friday. The tennis star didn’t let a rain delay at the U.S. Open ruin his time on the practice court, instead opting to take the court for some type of lawn game with a couple buddies.

What’s he playing? I’m not so sure. It could be bocce ball. It could be the French game petanque. Or it could be some Frankenstein combination of both. (Or they’re just trying to land the ball closest to the line.):

No matter the actual game being played, Monfils and his friends appear to be having fun—especially when they start kicking water at each other. Haters will probably say it’s fake, though.

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